ATTENTION EVERYONE THAT WANTS TO HELP OUT WITH THE TENLEY THOMPSON PROJECT. We have postponed the build until Febuary. Home Depot has offered us as much as they can right now but they are willing to give us more in Febuary. After talking it over with the Thompsons, waiting made the most sense. I will get ahold of everyone as soon as I get the call from Home Depot. They said we should be granted what they are willing to give us the first week in Febuary. Thank you to everyone eager to help and we hope to see all of you in Febuary. Any questions you can call me at 320-295-1011. Have a wonderful Christmas celebrating Jesus with your familys. We will still have an account at Lake Region Bank in New London under “Tenley Thompson Fund”. Donations are so appreciated and are helping Tenley in so many ways. It will help with the garage and any medical equiptment that Tenley is going to start using that insurance wont cover.


We are looking for anyone that can build.

We will need people to help pick up the leftovers and keep the work area clean and safe.

We are looking for hotdishes, bbqs, bars, cookies, chili. Anything that is easy to maintain throughout the day to feed the different crews

We are looking for pop, water, coffee

We also need paper plates, cups, silverware

Any help you can give in any of these areas is amazing and so very appreciated


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  1. Bill Graves, owner of the Willmar Dominos Pizza has generously offered to donate pizzas for the crew during the day of the build. We have people willing to drive them from Dominos to the home. Please let me know when the date will be and I will get in touch with Bill to confirm. You can reach me at tammorris1@msn.com or call me 763-232-4349. I am Amy Hanson’s sister. Thank you and looking forward to helping out once again for this special family. Anita, Troy and Megan Morris

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